An Art Director who studied for a bachelor's at the American University of Kuwait in Graphic & Multimedia Design Major, Minored in Media Communication specializing in media law, and Masters Degree at Università Telematica Degli Studi IUL (Firenze) in sacred art.
I first started my career as a junior graphic designer when I was in my second year of school at Absolute Solution Printing House where I worked for PEPSI ads (printing and designing)
Then I started working in Pacha Kuwait where I was responsible for three exhibitions in one year. Plus I was responsible for the real state exhibition to our sister company Eskan Global. I gained a lot of experience in the company working under stress for days or sometimes weeks. I also learned from the marketing team. Pacha Kuwait and Eskan Global also Have branches in Egypt.
I started my internship at Symphony Style Hotel which is part of the Radisson Blu Hotel Chain. Here was my Biggest Jump, here is where I re-branded every single stuff in the hotel, and in less than 120hr of my internship I got approvals from our head office in Belgium. To be noted I also designed their online door event in Kuwait that was connected to all the chains at the same time with true Door LCDs and projectors. I also got an offer from them but wasn't a good time due to graduation projects stress.
After that, I worked in Inari Software as a Part-time employee and learned their UI / UX design for the first time in the market, not at school. it worked very well that we worked on two main projects:
- The Auction app is an easy and time-consuming app that can bid with or without limit in Auctions according to Your setting of Time, Date, max amount of Bids, and max money of spending. EVEN DURING YOUR SLEEP ... IT IS AUTO !!!!
- The layer app has a dashboard for lawyers to organize the lawsuits and work with alarms and notifications to the layer and can be adjusted to more than a user and is also connected to the Kuwait Ministry of Justice system.
Then I got a short-time offer to replace Senior Art Director in E-Commerce Department at Alshaya Enterprises. My main job was on the Sketch app to update the H&M website every week in (Kuwait, UAE, KSA, Egypt) under the brand rules. but then I Started Covering my other Colleges in other brands like:
-Pottery Barn
-Bath & Body Works
-Victoria Swim Launch page
After that, I worked at Signature Burger as Art Director, we started from a very base start with no real Design Style Guide. here is where I found the brand that fully worked under my thoughts and ideas. Signature Burger is a great Restaurant in Kuwait that started before corona and now it is one of the big names in the industry. here I re-branded everything to my taste. what makes me also proud is seeing the huge growth in a very small period of time.
I was responsible for the brand identity designs:
Delivery Boxes, Dine-in design (Packages and Restaurant), Uniforms, Veicheals, stationary, and creating new creative ways to interact with the consumer during the pandemic like making tap menus for example. 
Finally, Mina Azer established his own media agency in Firenze, Italy under the name of Azer Mina with the sister company XII creative studio in Kuwait and our international artists (photographers, videographers, art directors, and designers). in addition to Hope animal bar and shop -
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